An itinerary to the discovery of the Mangalaviti Woods, one of the most beautiful beech forests of the Nebrodi Mountains, from which you can admire the scenery stretching from the Tyrrhenian coast to Mount Soro.

 The first portion of the itinerary is covered by car. The walk begins at the entrance to the equipped recreational area of Case Mangalaviti, where you can stock up on fresh water.

The trail is easy and almost entirely flat, perfect also for small children in strollers. You walk among grazing cows, horses, goats and sheep, and if you’re lucky, you can also spot some black pigs.
The landscape will change as you get closer to the forest: with pastures behind you, you will enter the kingdom of beech trees, where huge, ancient and thick specimens barely let the sunlight in.
This arrangement makes the forest the ideal place to find a little reprieve from hot summer days.
In addition to beech trees, the forest is also populated by maple, ash, holly, badgers and wild apple trees that, from time to time during your walk, will unravel panoramic views of incredible beauty.

With their water loads, creeks and streams sing thunderously, giving life to that typical and relaxing melody of mountain forests. During the warmest season, they are also ideal to dip your fatigued feet: a great incentive, even for children who do not take to strenous walks so kindly.

Difficulty level:  easy

Average time: 50 minutes

Length: 2 km (circular trial)

Elevation gain: less than 50 m

Trek stroller: yes

Departure point on foot: Castello di Milè, Longi

All the details and curiosities about this itinerary can be found in single waypoints through a dedicated APP