ASD Gioconfa

The Association works exclusively with children through activities that develop psychomotor skills through horseback riding, and through recreational and sports activities focusing on contact with nature and with animals.

Pro Loco di Mistretta

In addition to the various recreational and cultural events it organises every year, Pro Loco offers equipment and services especially for tourists, with children, who wish to visit the Nebrodi Park.

Pro loco di Buseto Palizzolo

In addition to promoting its local area and organising tours and sightseeing, Pro Loco is specialised in nature excursions, as well as events and recreational activities for children.  

Associazione Ciukino

In Piazza Armerina you can find an association that focuses on elevating the reputation of an animal much loved by children. It organises trekking, therapy projects, games and educational activities, all in the company of donkeys.

Associazione Riportiamo alla Luce

Its services use guides belonging to AIGAE (the Italian Association for Professional Nature and Walking Guides) and licensed tour guides operating in Sicily’s principal areas of natural interest. It organises guided nature and cultural excursions designed for adults and children.