Sicily’s sea and its cuisine are “definitely dangerous!”… We discovered this reading a blog comment by a mother who had just come back from a holiday in Sicily. It would seem that, once children have visited our island’s beaches, they “never want to leave that wonderful sea again!” However, the same mother proposes a possible solution… getting them to leave the beach in exchange for a gelato! It would seem that, in Sicily, the gelato is “an experience that borders on perfection!”

Naturally, our island is also home to another enormous danger mentioned by the same mother, Sicilian cuisine!

017 Cannoli e pasta reale

In a week on the island, between gelati, meals and other snacks (indulged in for the children’s sake), visitors run a high risk of putting on 2 to 5 kilos!

However, she managed to find a solution to this problem as well, by alternating breaks for good food and wine with historical and cultural excursions. There is certainly no lack of these in Sicily, where visitors can explore magnificent archaeological sites, ancient towns and enchanting natural landscapes.

The physical activity required to visit all of these can certainly compensate for any excess of zeal at the table!