The Crasto Rocks: among peaks, pastures and animals, just like the Alps


A trek with all the ingredients that excite children and parents: typical dolomitic landscapes, fresh water springs, wild animals, large birds of prey and even a downhill walk at night with torches for a wholesome adventure.

A complete adventure, a fairytale landscape, the hard work rewarded by panoramic majestic peaks, fresh water springs and sightings of wild animals and birds of prey in all seasons. Are you in the Alps? No, we are in the Nebrodi National Park.
You have to drive to reach the entrance to the pedestrian path. The route is almost all uphill with average slopes to traverse on a comfortable dirt road.
The landscapes you will cross range from cultivated fields to meadows and pastures, up to oak groves. Here, you will come across the Crasto Rocks, on which nests, among other birds of prey, the majestic and elegant golden eagle. It will be easier to spot other magnificent birds such as griffons, kestrels, falcons, sparrow hawks, and birds of smaller size, like ravens and hoopoes.
Along the way, though with some difficulty, it is possible to sight other wild animals, like hares, rabbits, foxes, porcupines and weasels, as cows and wild horses freely graze on pastures and slopes.
The landscape features vast pastures, springs, woods and large valleys that accompany you to the plateau, from where you can admire unique and incredibly beautiful views: Cefalù, the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna, which make this area a magical place.

On the plateau, there is the “Sun Hut”, an old building where shepherds used to seek shelter during the seasonal mountain pasture. By reservation and only for groups, you can dine in the hut, returning to the valley at sunset with torches leading the way: magic excursion or exclusive adventure? A Sicily to discover!

Difficulty level:  difficult

Average time: 1,5 hours (one way)

Length: 3,5 km (one way)

Elevation gain: 250 m

Trek stroller: no

Departure point on foot: Castello di Milè, Longi

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