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The park “of Mercy”: a green oasis in the city center

Description A very easy walk, ideal for families with small children, to relax in the green lung of the municipality of Valderice. The trail is partially exposed to the sun, therefore, please bring along water and a hat. It unwinds along the 19 hectares of the Valderice urban park, called “of Mercy”, the name of [...]

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The Rio Forgia trial, up to the Mount Cofano reserve

Description A beautiful walk stretching from the prehistoric cave of the Nature Reserve of Mount Cofano, searching for local history and legends. It starts from the parking lot in the proximity of Rio Forgia. For most of the trail, you can stroll along the promenade, near coast, beach and water, listening to the sound of [...]

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The Erice Vetta itinerary: the charm of an ancient trazzera, among ancient rural churches and breathtaking views

Description An unforgettable experience for those who do not yet know Erice, but also a thrill for those who have already visited the beautiful town. An old dirt road, with breathtaking views, which unwinds through  rocks to reach first striking rural churches and then climb up to the ancient Cyclopean walls of Sicily’s most beautiful [...]

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Atop Mount Sparagio, in the brigand’s hideout

Description From atop Mount Sparagio, you can admire the Egadi Islands, the Zingaro Mountains and the Palermo Mountains, amidst a peculiar landscape “created” by grazing and fires. This route will take you to 1,100 meters a.s.l.. on the highest peak of the mountains of the Trapani province. The first part of the trail is within [...]

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Sella Colma di Mezzo: coolness and views from Mount Sparagio

Description A moderate walk for those who are not fit enough to reach the top of the mountain, but still want the coolness of the forest and breathtaking views. Notes: this trail is the first part of a longer itinerary called “The Summit of Monte Sparagio” The trail is largely inside the Giacolamaro Forest, a [...]

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The Spezia Bombolone forest: the sunset on the Egadi Archipelago

Description A simple walk that you can do at sunset after spending the day discovering other Sicilian wonders or after a day on the beach. The trail starts at Fattoria Spezia, in the beautiful Pianoneve valley, surrounded by three hills. Do you know where the name of this valley comes from? Let us explain it [...]

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The Scorace woods: a day surrounded by the wonder of Nature!

Description A walk for the whole family in an ancient forest: not only sea in the Trapani region, but also luxurious nature to live a day surrounded by plants and animals. The excursion begins with a car ride of approximately 10.5 km, which leads to the top of the Scorace Nature Reserve, the green lung [...]

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