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Santa Margherita bay: a stroll on the rosata beach

Description A pleasant walk along the coast, surrounded by blue sea, the pink-reddish Dolomite rocks, and the green Mediterranean scrub. This route along the coast will amaze you with its colors: the view will offer you all the gradations of sea colors, blending with the green of the lower Mediterranean scrub. The backdrop is Mount [...]

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A path of cows: on foot up to San Vito Lo Capo

Description This very easy trail is the shortest way to walk to San Vito Lo Capo, encountering some rarities and geological curiosities. The trail features a negligible altitude drop, and starts from the entrance to the campsite. It initially unwinds along the cliff in front of the site and, after crossing a stretch of plain [...]

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The Ficuzza woods … along the old railroad

Description An itinerary through the woods along the old tracks of a Sicilian railroad: to the discovery of the Ficuzza Forest Nature Reserve. A Nature Reserve established in 2000 to protect and promote reforestation, the Ficuzza Forest, Busambra Rocca, Cappelliere Woods and Gorgo del Drago are today managed by the Forestry Authority. Until 1959, this [...]

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The Mount Cofano reserve: along the coast to the prehistoric cave

Description A trail immersed in the wonderful colors of Sicily, from the blue of the sea to the pink-red Dolomite rock and the green of the Mediterranean scrub, to get into the Nature Reserve of Mount Cofano. Notes: This itinerary is the continuation of a shorter itinerary called Santa Margherita Bay Entrance ticket: 2 euros [...]

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The Pianetto woods: the fence of the small dolmen (burial chambers)

Description A journey to discover the many small Sicilian “dolmen”, an opportunity to explore this land inventing fables and legends. The trail features, along the way, many stone slabs almost entirely buried into the ground, and which take on very particular shapes. The most charming of them, atop the trail, were used by shepherds to [...]

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The “Al Poggetto botanical garden” trail: let’s play and learn

Description Inside the Agriturismo “Al Poggetto” Botanical Garden, young and not-so-young explorers can set out to discover local plants....and much more! This short trail unwinds entirely within the Farm, and it is therefore comfortable for anyone, even for strollers. Along an original itinerary, the Farm planted native trees and species, even cataloging each species with [...]

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