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A stroll from the convent of Capuchin to the Vignuzza hill

Description Between forests and history - a pleasant and easy loop trail a few steps from the charming village of Tusa, which is easily walkable with a trek stroller. You start from the Convent of the Capuchins, which includes the communities of the Sisters Minor of St. Francis, the first in Italy, founded in 1984, [...]

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The Tardara woods among breathtaking views and playgrounds

Description A very special family walk in one of Sicily’s most beautiful and least known woods, to discover a very special playground among trees and reach a breathtaking lookout point. To reach the beginning of the route, we recommend completing the first two kilometers by car, up to the Milianni hamlet. Prior to your trip, [...]

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Hiking in the shadow of the cork oak grove, searching for angels’ food in the Tardare Forest

Description An alternative to a day on the beach? A picnic and a hike in the shadow of an imposing cork oak grove to reach the scenic area where you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view from the Madonie Mountains to the coast. This itinerary merges with a portion of the S. Felice trail that [...]

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In search of snow house in the woods

Description A wonderful, peaceful walk in the woods near Mistretta, to find some reprieve from the summer heat or to go mushrooming in the cooler season. Easy to do with children in strollers or on their legs, searching for neviere (snow houses) hidden in the woods. This trail entails a comfortable hike without particular difficulties, [...]

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The “Zu Pardu” bridge: the regia trazzera and the valley of waterfall

Description The thrill of walking on an old trazzera (basalt-paved road), surrounded by the charming countryside, to reach impressive waterfalls. A downhill path to the sixteenth-century Zu Pardu Bridge nestled like a jewel among the rocks. The itinerary, which begins in Villa Nives, crosses a residential portion of town, rich in historical and architectural value. [...]

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The Crasto Rocks: among peaks, pastures and animals, just like the Alps

Description A trek with all the ingredients that excite children and parents: typical dolomitic landscapes, fresh water springs, wild animals, large birds of prey and even a downhill walk at night with torches for a wholesome adventure. A complete adventure, a fairytale landscape, the hard work rewarded by panoramic majestic peaks, fresh water springs and [...]

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The Catafurco waterfall: let’s take a dip in the water … in the mountains

Description Do you love fresh water games? Let's go for a swim under the Catafurco waterfall and inside the Marmitta dei Giganti (Giants' Cooking Pot). But never fear, there are no monsters: it's just a beautiful natural swimming pool! You can start this itinerary from the San Basilio district, following the signs to the waterfall [...]

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Lake Urio Quattrocchi: walks and relaxation in the woods

Description Clear and clean air, unspoiled nature and animals roaming undisturbed: here is the idyllic picture of Lake Urio Quattrocchi, with its beautiful picnic area within a beautiful natural forest of 50 hectares. The circular lake of Urio Quattrocchi is at an altitude of 1030 meters, at the entrance to the Nebrodi Park, in the [...]

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The Mangalaviti woods: one of the wonders of the Nebrodi Park

Description An itinerary to the discovery of the Mangalaviti Woods, one of the most beautiful beech forests of the Nebrodi Mountains, from which you can admire the scenery stretching from the Tyrrhenian coast to Mount Soro.  The first portion of the itinerary is covered by car. The walk begins at the entrance to the equipped [...]

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