The Catafurco waterfall: let’s take a dip in the water … in the mountains


Do you love fresh water games? Let’s go for a swim under the Catafurco waterfall and inside the Marmitta dei Giganti (Giants’ Cooking Pot). But never fear, there are no monsters: it’s just a beautiful natural swimming pool!

You can start this itinerary from the San Basilio district, following the signs to the waterfall or driving to Borgo Molisa, an old shepherd’s village where you can find a “pagghiaru” (an old hut).
The pleasant hike alternates uphill and downhill stretches, and the last leg includes rather high steps.

When you reach the Catafurco Waterfall, you will discover a truly charming place: steep and high walls surround the waterfall, carved by water flowing impetuously and forming the basis of a natural pool called the Giants’ Cooking Pot.
The Nebrodi’s most beautiful waterfall and natural pool bless this site with incredible beauty!
During the summer days, in the Giants’ Cooking Pot you can also swim and pass through the powerful and cool jet of the waterfall, offering you a respite from the summer heat.

One last “treat” for you: if you look around, next to the waterfall, you can see an endangered botanical rarity that is indigenous to the Nebrodi region: the “Petagnaea gussonei”.

Difficulty level:  moderate

Average time: 2 hours (one way), excluding the time for a bath

Length: 3,3 km

Elevation gain: 100 m

Trek stroller: no

Departure point on foot: Castello di Milè, Longi

All the details and curiosities about this itinerary can be found in single waypoints through a dedicated  APP