The Spezia Bombolone forest: the sunset on the Egadi Archipelago


A simple walk that you can do at sunset after spending the day discovering other Sicilian wonders or after a day on the beach.

The trail starts at Fattoria Spezia, in the beautiful Pianoneve valley, surrounded by three hills.
Do you know where the name of this valley comes from? Let us explain it to you.
This area is very far from the sea, and always had a special microclimate which allowed fallen snow to stick around for some time.
In fact, there is much to be learned about this place and its name, which you can discover on the APP WAYPOINTS you will find along the way.
From the Pianoneve Valley, you can reach the nearby mountain. From here, you can admire the Egadi Islands, Mount Cofano and Mount Erice.

By reaching the summit at sunset, you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the sun that paints the archipelago of the Egadi Islands before sinking into the sea, waving goodbye for the day.

You will have the ideal backdrop to frame the moment in beautiful photography, with the whole family!

Difficulty level:  easy

Average time: 1,5 hours

Length: 3,8 km

Elevation gain: 60 m

Trek stroller: yes

Departure point on foot: Agriturismo Fattoria Spezia, Buseto Palizzolo

All the details and curiosities about this itinerary can be found in single waypoints through a dedicated  APP